Pre-Orders, Special Orders & Loyalty Points

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Table of Contents:

  1. Special and Pre-order Information
  2. Loyalty Points
  3. Sales and Previous Purchases


Purchasing Panzer Command Products


Pre-order and Special Orders


Pre-orders are items placed for sale before release by the manufacturer and before Panzer Command receives stock. Please check the availability date on the product page for when the item will be available. With items being delayed consistently since the COVID pandemic the shop date may not be accurate. Please email us at any time for an accurate estimate as we will check with the distributor upon your email. 

Orders will not be dispatched until any pre-orders are in stock so in the case of multiple item orders,  please make sure to make separate orders if you do not want to wait.

Pre-order dates are set by the manufacturer or supplier and are not set by Panzer Command. As such, dates are subject to change.

Special Orders

Special orders are for products that are available but Panzer Command does not stock, this can included expensive items, items that may not sell quickly or items that require the manufacturer to specially make for that order.

The time from point of ordering by the customer to final delivery can vary depending on the above. If the item is a stock item, that Panzer Command has chosen not to stock, then usually an item will be with Panzer Command within 5 working delays. This depends on manufacturer stock levels.

Items that require special manufacturing for the customer may take longer and we advise contacting Panzer Command first so we can enquire with the manufacturer.


Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are a way to reward customers for coming back to us. For every £1 spend in store you receive 1 loyalty point. Each loyalty point is worth £0.05 so you earn roughly 5% of your order back as Loyalty Points. 


A customer, Joe, spends £100 in store. He earned 100 Loyalty Points for a total value of £5 which can be used on his next order. 

Loyalty Points are credited to a users account only when the order is dispatched. Loyalty Points (from 26/112020) now work as a direct discount on the order rather than the previous gift voucher. 

Loyalty Points remain valid for 12 months. 


Panzer Command guarantees it's prices for 7 (Seven) days from time of purchase. Should Panzer Command have a sale within this period, please contact us to match the price. You will receive any difference in price in a loyalty point credit.