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Gaming Mat - Grassland/Desert

Gaming Mat - Grassland/Desert£70.00   £56.00

Double Sided gaming mat.

Gaming Mat 6ft x 4ft (Brown/City)

Gaming Mat 6ft x 4ft (Brown/City)£70.00   £56.00

Double Sided gaming mat.

Caen Church

Caen Church£40.00   £32.00

A large pre-painted church building.

Apartment Blocks

Apartment Blocks£36.00   £28.80

Large pre-painted apartment blocks (blocks of flats) in the continental style.

Brick Factory

Brick Factory£36.00   £28.80

Pre-painted Scenery.

Destroyed Factory

Destroyed Factory£36.00   £28.80

Pre-painted Scenery.

Factory Building

Factory Building£36.00   £28.80

A large pre-painted building to decorate your battlefield.

Gothic Battlefields - The Grand Vestibule

Gothic Battlefields - The Grand Vestibule£36.00   £28.80

Wartorn Village - Cobblestone Road

Wartorn Village - Cobblestone Road£36.00   £28.80

European Farm

European Farm£32.00   £25.60

A pre-painted European styled farm house.

Fast Food Restaurant

Fast Food Restaurant£32.00   £25.60

A pre-painted fast food restaurant.

Mechanics Workshop

Mechanics Workshop£32.00   £25.60

Pre-painted mechanics workshop or light industrial unit.

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Page 1 of 5:    54 Items
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