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Warhammer 40K Command Edition Ruins A

Warhammer 40K Command Edition Ruins A£9.99

Warhammer 40K Command Edition Ruins B

Warhammer 40K Command Edition Ruins B£9.99

Battlefields: Field Grass

Battlefields: Field Grass£4.50   £2.80

Gothic Warzones - Buried Monument

Gothic Warzones - Buried Monument£22.00   £17.60

Winter Tufts

Winter Tufts£4.50   £3.19

Ammo Crates

Ammo Crates£8.00   £7.20

Resin Ammo boxes.

Anti-Tank Obstacles Plastic Boxed Set

Anti-Tank Obstacles Plastic Boxed Set£12.00   £9.60

Plastic tank traps and obstacles.

Apartment Blocks

Apartment Blocks£36.00   £28.80

Large pre-painted apartment blocks (blocks of flats) in the continental style.

Automotive Garages

Automotive Garages£18.00   £14.40

Pre-painted garages to go alongside housing.

Autumn Grass (180 ml)

Autumn Grass (180 ml)£3.99   £3.19

180ml of Static Grass

Barbed Wire Blister

Barbed Wire Blister£4.00

3m of scale barbed wire

Basing Kit Jungle

Basing Kit Jungle£12.00   £10.80

Basing Kit Parched Pasture

Basing Kit Parched Pasture£12.00   £10.80

Basing Kit Summer Pasture

Basing Kit Summer Pasture£12.00   £10.80

Basing Kit Tundra

Basing Kit Tundra£12.00   £10.80

Basing Kit Urban Rubble

Basing Kit Urban Rubble£12.00   £10.80

Battlefields Basing Set

Battlefields Basing Set£13.50   £10.80

Battlefields XP: Miniature Razor Wire

Battlefields XP: Miniature Razor Wire£4.50   £3.19

Battlefields: Battlefield Rocks

Battlefields: Battlefield Rocks£4.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Black Battleground basing

Battlefields: Black Battleground basing£5.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Brown Battleground basing

Battlefields: Brown Battleground basing£5.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Grass Green

Battlefields: Grass Green£4.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Snow

Battlefields: Snow£4.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Steppe Grass

Battlefields: Steppe Grass£4.50   £2.80

Battlefields: Summer Undergrowth

Battlefields: Summer Undergrowth£4.50   £2.80


Bocage£25.00   £20.00

Bocage Extras

Bocage Extras£15.00   £12.00

Bolt Action Battlefield Accessories

Bolt Action Battlefield Accessories£12.00   £9.60

Brick Factory

Brick Factory£36.00   £28.80

Pre-painted Scenery.

Panzer Command