Firefly Original Graphic Novel: Watch How I Soar

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Graphic Novel
Davide Gianfelice
Greg Pak

A new graphic novel exploring one of the most pivotal moments of Joss Whedon's acclaimed Firefly, as Wash realizes he's about to die and the most important moments flash before his eyes- including one that even he never expected. "I AM A LEAF ON THE WIND; WATCH HOW I SOAR" Return to the critically acclaimed world of Joss Whedon's Firefly in an all new graphic novel spotlighting Hoban "Wash" Washburne, pilot of the spaceship Serenity...who has just realized he's about to die. As Wash's life flashes before him, he revisits the most important, never before revealed moments in his life, from growing up on a planet so ravaged by pollution that no star could shine in the sky to meeting the woman of his dreams in Zoe, who would become his wife and create a life with him beyond his wildest imagination.

And in those final moments, Wash will reach out to connect with a surprising someone he never thought possible to meet...proving that some bonds transcend our mortal coils. Writer Greg Pak and artists Davide Gianfelice and Lalit Kumar Sharma come together to present the unforgettable untold stories of the 'Verse's most lovable hero set during his final moments - and how love survives even when we don't.



  • Hardback
  • TV Show Tie-in, Action, Science Fiction
  • 128 pages, illustrated
  • For ages 16+
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