World War III: NATO Forces

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NATO Forces

Since its inception in 1949, NATO has been a community of free nations brought together with a common goal, to defend the freedom of Western Europe and North America. To do this Canada, France, Netherlands, and Belgium deploy armoured and mechanised forces in West Germany. Old allies have also been called on, and an ANZAC Brigade of Australian and New Zealand troops have answered the call to fight.



  • Background on Canadian Forces, French Armée de terre, the Netherlands 1. Korps, Australian and New Zealand ANZAC Brigade, and Belgian Land Forces.

Instructions on how to build:

  • Canadian Leopard 2, Leopard C1, or Cougar Armoured Squadrons, M113 or Grizzly Mechanized Companies and an Airborne Company
  • French Leclerc or AMX-30 Escadron Blindé, AMX-10P Compagnie de Chasseurs, AMX-10 RC Escadron de Cavalerie, VBL Escadron d’Eclairage and VAB Compagnie d’Infanterie
  • Dutch Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2, or Leopard 1 Tank Eskadron, Pantserinfanterie Compagnie and Verkennings Eskadron
  • Australian Leopard AS1 Armoured Squadron, M113 Mechanised Company, M113 or ASLAV Cavalry Squadrons
  • NZ Scorpion Armoured Squadron
  • Belgian Leopard 1 Tank Eskadron, AIFV-B Infanterie Companie and Verkennings Escadron.

Three scenarios featuring World War III: NATO forces.

A detailed painting guide.

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