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D-Day British Army Book

D-Day British Army Book
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Model:  FW264
Bar Code:  09781988558141
Manufacturer:  Battlefront Miniatures
Brand:  Flames of War
Type:  Rules
Type:  Starter
Faction:  Great Britain
Range:  Late War



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On June 6th, 1944 the Allied forces launched one of the largest amphibious assaults ever. This book follows the British and Commonwealth forces that overcame the German defences and claimed Sword, Gold, and Juno beaches as well as the breakout after. The forces in the book are broken down into three major groups: you have your regular war weary units that form the backbone of your forces, you have your Desert Rat veterans and lastly you have your elite troops like the Commandos and Airborne units. These options are perfect to build any list for D-Day and the breakout.

Inside you will find: 

Background on the British Army during the events of D-Day and the break out that followed. Instructions on how to build:

  • Parachute Rifle Company
  • Airlanding Rifle Company
  • Commando Company
  • Rifle Company
  • Desert Rat Rifle Company
  • Sherman DD Armoured Squadron
  • Churchill Tank Squadron
  • Desert Rat Cromwell Armoured Squadron
  • Desert Rat Motor Company
  • Sherman Armoured Squadron
  • Cromwell Armoured Squadron
  • Mortor Company


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