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Red Devils British Airborne Mid-War

Red Devils British Airborne Mid-War
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Model:  FW252
Bar Code:  09781988558165
Manufacturer:  Battlefront Miniatures
Brand:  Flames of War
Type:  Rules
Faction:  Great Britain
Range:  Mid War



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Red Devils contains background on the British 1st Airborne Division covering their origins, and campaigns in 1942 and 1943. Inside you will also find background on the Commandos and their actions in the middle years of the war.

An expanded Eighth Army Force Diagram can also be found in Red Devils. This allows you to field a Parachute Company and Commando Troops alongside the Formations found in Armoured Fist. Airborne support units have also been included in the Force diagram, allowing you to take additional support options like 75mm Airlanding Batteries, an Airlanding 6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon, and an Airlanding Recce Platoon.

The special rules section covers the unique rules of both the Red Devil paras and the Commandos.

You can field either a Parachute Company, or a Commando Troop from Red Devils.

When the planning began for D-Day: British we knew we were going to include the British airborne forces. This also gave us an opportunity also begin looking at them for Mid-war, focusing on their early actions in Tunisia and Italy, and so Red Devils was born.

Like the All American booklet also covers the Rangers, we also choose to include the Commandos in Red Devils, as well as all the Unit Cards and Command Cards to use with these forces.

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