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Institute Wave Card Expansion Pack

Institute Wave Card Expansion Pack
 Institute Wave Card Expansion PackInstitute Wave Card Expansion Pack 
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As new and terrifying friends and foes are unleashed on the wasteland, the true survivors from all factions upgrade their weapons, find new allies and gird themselves for the fight to come. The Brotherhood of Steel deploy the Order of the Shield and call in their leader Elder Maxon to coordinate their pacification efforts. The Super Mutants are sure to resist, rushing forward to smash everything in their path. Shouting louder and hitting even harder are their Overlords, in particularly the bloodthirsty Fist.

In the face of such aggression the Survivors will dig even deeper to stay alive – in some cases literally, calling on the support of long sealed vaults to bring pre-war tactics and personnel to the fray. Nothing is beyond the pale in the fight to stay alive, leading to some unusual alliances and all new companions joining the cause. All the while the Institute is creeping back into the light, deploying its synths and covert operations teams to further its shadowy cause.

All the rules for units, weapons, and equipment in the Institute Wave are included in this card pack. Also included are new AI Cards, chems, mods, events, dangers and more, all for expanding the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare experience.

Included in the set are cards for:

  • Institute Core Box Institute Synths
  • Institute Covert Operations
  • Elder Maxon and Captain Kells
  • Order of the Shield
  • Overlord and Fist
  • Super Mutant Skirmishers Expansion
  • T-51 Power Armour Expansion
  • Vault Personnel Expansion
  • Unusual Allies Expansion

Due to a printing error, the Institute Card Pack contents list is incorrect. This pack does not contain the cards for the Mechanist. Those cards can be found in the Automatron card pack. We apologise for any confusion this may cause.

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