Soviet Union

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Soviet Shock Tank Group

Soviet Shock Tank Group£70.00   £56.00

Soviet Army Box

Soviet Tank Shock  Group

Soviet Tank Shock Group£70.00   £56.00

Soviet Army Box June 2019 release

Stalin's Bears Soviet Army Deal

Stalin's Bears Soviet Army Deal£60.00   £48.00

Stalin's Bears Soviet Army Deal

(Old Version)

Soviet Army Box Kutosov's Heroes

Soviet Army Box Kutosov's Heroes£55.00   £44.00

Soviet Army Box

Churchill Heavy Tank Company

Churchill Heavy Tank Company£30.00   £24.00

T-34 Tank Company

T-34 Tank Company£30.00   £24.00

T-70 Tank Company

T-70 Tank Company£30.00   £24.00

SU-122 Medium SP Battery

SU-122 Medium SP Battery£29.00   £23.20

Heavy Assault Gun Company (Plastic)

Heavy Assault Gun Company (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

5 plastic assault guns

T-34 Tankovy Company (Plastic)

T-34 Tankovy Company (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

5 plastic T-34 tanks

Tank Killer Company (Plastic)

Tank Killer Company (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

5 plastic assualt guns

SU-85 Tank-killer Battery

SU-85 Tank-killer Battery£24.00   £19.20

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Page 1 of 2:    13 Items