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German Panzer Kampfgruppe Army Deal

German Panzer Kampfgruppe Army Deal£70.00   £56.00

German Panzer Kampfgruppe Army Deal. Nov 2017 release.

Puma Panzerspah Platoon

Puma Panzerspah Platoon£32.00   £25.60

Puma Armoured car platoon

Panther/Jagpanther (Plastic)

Panther/Jagpanther (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

Five plastic Panther medium tanks that can also be built as Jagdpanther tank destroyers

Panzer IVH Box set (Plastic)

Panzer IVH Box set (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

Five plastic Panzer IV Ausf H medium tanks

Panzergrenadier Platoon (Plastic)

Panzergrenadier Platoon (Plastic)£26.00   £20.80

Plastic Panzergrenadiers and their 4 half track transports

StuG G Platoon

StuG G Platoon£26.00   £20.80

Five plastic StuG Assualt Guns.

Tiger 1E Platoon

Tiger 1E Platoon£26.00   £20.80

Five plastic Tiger Ausf E Heavy Tanks

Grenadier Company (Plastic)

Grenadier Company (Plastic)£22.00   £17.60

Plastic German Infantry

Sd Kfz 251 Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)

Sd Kfz 251 Transport Platoon (x4) (Plastic)£20.00   £16.00

Four plastic Half Tracks.

Panzergrenadier Company HQ (Plastic)

Panzergrenadier Company HQ (Plastic)£17.00   £13.60

3 plastic 251 half tracks plus crew and HQ passengers


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