Blackstone Fortress

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Blackstone Fortress Explorers

Blackstone Fortress Explorers£27.99

The explorer miniatures

Traitor Guardsmen

Traitor Guardsmen£26.99

Blackstone Fortress Hostiles

Blackstone Fortress Hostiles£24.99

The Hostile miniatures

Chaos Lord Obsidius Mallex

Chaos Lord Obsidius Mallex£9.99

The Chaos Lord only.

UR-025, Imperial Robot

UR-025, Imperial Robot£9.99

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger£7.99

Blackstone Fortress (No Miniatures)

Blackstone Fortress (No Miniatures)£7.99

Game without miniatures.

Rogue Psykers

Rogue Psykers£6.99

Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator

Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator£6.75

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