Mantic Games Starship Scenery Review

Saturday, 12 May 2018  |  Admin

Mantic Games Starship Scenery

Released under their new Terrain Crate branding, the Starship Scenery is a hard plastic set featuring 26 individual pieces (2 sets of 12). The box retails for £19.99. 

The box is the standard larger army box size they use for some of their vehicles and shows a painted example on the front and the contents on the back. Inside you have a form fitting plastic tray that keeps everything in its place. A nice touch considering Mantic usually go the route of just bagging everything. You could even use the tray to store them once painted. 

At the end of the review I will show individual photos of the items but lets press on with how good the set is. Detail and quality of detail is quite good for most of the miniatures. Some of the set may need a little work if you are want them to be perfect. For example some of the mould lines may need a little filling rather than removing. Especially on the larger items like the cryo tanks. 

In this set some of the longer, thinner parts were bent, things like table legs. I suspect just dropping these in hot water will cause them to straighten out themselves without any help. 


If you are looking for a set of quality plastic scatter terrain for your games of Star Saga, Space Hulk or Necromunda to name a few you can't really go wrong with these. 

Tables and desks

Shelves and Weapon racks



Scale against a Games Workshop Primaris Marine.

Panzer Command