A Gaming mat for 5.99?

Saturday, 12 May 2018  |  Admin

I was shopping the other day in Lidl and came across these, Lidl's own brand Artificial Grass Mat. I've bought one of these previously, years ago, and used it to display my 1/16th and 1/32 scale tanks. 

The mats are designed for outdoor use, so they are waterproof. Underneath they have rubber like grips that help water drain away and prevent it going foostie. 

Why am I reviewing a garden mat I hear you ask? Well I saw the mat, checked the dimensions and the price and thought, this could be possibly the cheapest gaming mat you can buy without stealing. 

The mat measures 2m x 1m so around 6.5' by 3.3', a size that is rapidly becoming quite popular since it can be difficult to fit the traditional 6' x 4' mats on dining tables you buy these days. 

The mat is heavy duty, I was initially worried that the mats grippy underside would cause it to be bumpy, model wobble or perhaps just not roll out very well. 

I was surprised to discover that not only did the heavy weight of the mat allow to roll out flat first time without bumps and lumps but it retained its shape. Although it was longer than my table so the very ends may need to be flattened out. 

I quickly posed some miniatures on the mat, and some random terrain (great colour match) and selected some Ultramarines to test the mat out. 

They sat perfectly, although the scenery is resin so quite heavy. Below is a pic without the flash. 


To conclude this mat is pretty good. For £5.99 you get a 6' x 3' gaming surface that is hard wearing, water proof and washable. It's usually limited availability at Lidl, and your store may not stock them so grab one quickly while you can. 



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