Warhammer 40K Ultramarines and SIlver Skulls Progress

Saturday, 12 May 2018  |  Admin

For the Emperor!

I haven't been painting very much recently, I get burned out painting  lots and lots of infantry especially when my passion is tanks, vehicles or big monsters. 

But with starting the blog, I've managed to squeeze in some free time for my own miniatures while I am feeling the motivation to get something done. 

I have lots needing done, months worth of painting and that's before you go into the cabinet of doom that holds the models I've bought that are still boxed, or even (gasp) still sealed. 

This week I got some work done on my Space Marines.

A little caveat before we begin, photos...wow what a huge difference seeing them in this light and so close up. Every little blemish and mistake has shown up. Not to mention I set the exposure wrong so had to use Paint.net to correct this more than I should have which has altered the colours a little, especially on the Ultramarines. 

All the silver highlights and gold work was done with markers (Sharpie Metallics) to try them out, so it looks like they have made the highlights too thick. I then purchased a set of acrylic paint pens with brush nibs. Basically a pen with a brush like nib. I did the gold work with these. 

I'll need to go and tidy this up quite a bit, for the next time! Although, when I look at them in the cabinet they don't look as bad as this! Live and learn as they say. 

Primaris Silver Skulls

I chose Silver Skulls because I wanted something different to Ultramarines, I was also planning on doing a Stormcast Eternal army, in silver, so I decided to throw them in another box and  paint the Primaris up as Silver Skulls. I started these guys about six months ago and have been slowly putting them together since then. I'll do another blog about what I've got so far and what I am thinking about getting. 

In addition to working on the guys below, I also painted a number of Sector Mechanicus bases for them all. I have chosen to paint them mechanicus red, something I really wished I hadn't done as all the red was brush work because it was easier to spray them all silver and do it that way rather than trying to paint all the pipework silver. 

My armies are based according to themes, for example the Primaris and Genestealers are based on Sector Mechanicus. The Ultramarines and Genestealer Cultists on Sector Imperialis and the Catchan Guard on a over grown Imperialis. Death Guard, well I'll probably put them on really worn down mechanicus bases too. Depends on what I have left at the end I suppose!

First up I did a little more on my Primaris Captain in Gravis armour. This time I did some more highlighting of the armour, the gold work and a little work on the cloak. 

He still needs work, some more highlighting, work on the decals, deciding how to paint the sword, finishing the head and deciding if I should risk painting in some tribal face tattoos. 

Primaris LTs

I also did some work on the Primaris LT's, much like the Captain it was silver highlights and gold. 

Primaris Ancient

I've not even started the banner, it is just undercoated at the moment but hopefully I will get on it soon.

Primaris Aggressors

The Aggressors were finally taken off their Pepsi top pedestals and based. I also based the Hellblasters but they are still needing a lot more work. 


So my Ultramarines, the original army I had back in the '90's and the first army I started back with is another group of poor marines lanquishing in purgatory. 

Good news for them, I actually took some out the cabinet for some work. It just wasn't very exciting. 

Basically I primed a Dreadnought and Captain from Assault on Black Reach and a Tactical Squad from Battle for Macragge. I forgot to take a photo of these, oops. 

I also did some quick work on another Tactical Squad, this time I just base coated the gold work, I actually did the whole squad in a little more than 5 minutes. I had meant to just put a miniature I left out back in the cabinet but instead did that while standing up in poor light. 

I'm always looking to make painting troops easier, and I absolutely hate doing shoulder trim but this was a cinch using a paint brush pen. I'll have to do a review of these because they are absolutely fantastic. 

You'll have to forgive the odd mould line I didn't remove. This squad is built up entirely from recycled eBay marines that were stripped and repaired from the bit box so I was sloppy in finishing only really spending time on the sergeant. 

I also did some work on this Land Raider Crusader. This Land raider was also another eBay recycle project. Stripped, repaired and given a quick coat of Ultramarine Blue I was going to just quickly sell it on but started painting it. 

It still needs work, but I think you could put it on the table and be happy with it. Weathering is the real fun part of painting tanks. You can take a basic paint job and make the tank look fantastic quite easily with the right amount of effects. So next up will be any tidying up needing done and adding decals. 

I've not drilled out the barrels, I know. Basically I got carried away and skipped a lot of the preparation prior to painting after fixing it up. I will do it next I promise!

The Multi-melta is still broken off but has been base coated. The marine needs a lot of work. 

Work on the symbols is not complete, and there are some blemishes like over paint and wash smudges to take care of.

Generally I'll paint some battle scarring on, add more washes probably a little Typhus Corrosion on there (but no rust, I doubt 38,000 years in the future we will be using iron like that) and then attack it with the powders. 

That's my little personal hobby blog for today, thank you for reading. 

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