Mantic Terrain Competition

Saturday, 12 May 2018  |  Admin

Hi everyone, 

On the 9th of May I received a box of goodies from Mantic for the retailer terrain competition they are having. Competition is a bit of a strong word as it's more to do with getting retailers familiar with their terrain sets as well as getting a gaming board ready for Deadzone, Mantic's futuristic skirmish game.  Basically we are to build, paint and share our creations and Mantic will pick the winner. 

The Stuff


The box included a number of sprues, and lots of bags of more parts. A surprise for me, was the addition of their Starship Scenery box which I will review today in a different post. Some of the sprues received are pictured below.

The box included approximately 3 of each of the first line and 4 or so of the Urban Sprues D and E. 

Planning & Executing

Inspiration wise I was looking doing something like Hadley's Hope from Aliens.

After setting out all the parts and having a count I realised I had no chance of making this or something like this so decided on a new plan. It will be done in the future I hope. 

So I have settled on one main structure, Operations, with a smaller structure that will be sort of a storage/accommodation block and a third structure kit bashed together with what I have left. 

Ops will be raised off the ground by columns, which will hopefully give another area to take cover in. Since the gaming area is quite small to begin with and Ops quite large I didn't want to restrict too much of the game board. 

The whole model was roughly dry built with just the connector clips, after I was reasonably happy with how it looked I took it apart and started with the glue. First up was the floor, I got some glue prints on it here and there but will clean them up after. 

Once I was reasonably happy with the floor I then glued in the floor and wall clips all the way around. The first wall section was then attached, and I went around clockwise gluing in the other walls, each wall inserted with one side of the wall clips at the same time. 

The clip system works reasonably well, although sometimes they would just not mesh very well and fell out, others they were so tight I broke the clip removing them. Some parts did leave gaps between the parts, although this seems to be mostly on the floor parts. There is a recess between each wall part so filling it with some liquid green stuff will be easy and neat to do. 

You can see the general idea of what it will look like so far. The main building will be raised, inside there will be four more columns which will not only physically support the roof but also give the look they are there so aircraft can land on the roof. 

I plan to make the roof removable, the interior columns will help this and I think if I fit the tabs to the top of the walls but cut away the locking peg it should support the roof. 

It's very much symmetrical at the moment, symmetrical is boring so I think I am going to change its shape by stick stuff on it. 

Outbuilding 1

Is very much under construction, I began to seriously run short on parts because ops is big, and floored much of my potential walls went into it. I've got a basic shape complete for it just working out if I can raise it off the ground as well and if so how to do it. It will have a tower on it, again to add some height to the terrain and this will feature some comm dishes and the ladder to access it. 

Outbuilding 2

Grasping at straws with this one, I've basically got no main walls left, I've also run out of horizontal clips, but I think if I take the left over large wall like parts from Urban Sprue E as well as the ramps sections from the same sprue I can then make a small four sided bunker and place one of the heavy lasers on the roof.  


All potential ideas in these two iterations, I've not decided on which one I like the best but the idea is to make a small truck for loading heavy objects onto the landing pad. 

Loader Iteration 2 probably the one I will stick with (base is for support only)

Loader Interation 1 with Land Raider

Cargo Lift


I've got some scatter terrain left over, some crates and lots and lots of defence walls. With only three buildings defence walls will play a huge part in filling the rest of the board up. In addition I've also put together a small lift for the landing pad. 

Cookies nom nom

So this is where I am now, with only just under a fortnight to finish up for the deadline and I've not picked colours, or even how I will paint it. Or what board to display it all on, although I did drag out a Games Workshop Forgeworld tile that might do the job but that means more painting!

Panzer Command