Weekly Round-Up May Week 2

Friday, 11 May 2018  |  Admin

It's Friday again, so more beer and more xbox (party animal can't you tell), but before that here is some news.

Panzer Command:

So this week has been the usual, some new and old products made it to the website. You can find these under "Latest Products". This sub category is date dependent so you will also find all the pre-orders here too. 

This weekend I will have not one, not two but three blog articles (not including this one, wait actually its four posts!) posted up. Trying to take this blog business a bit more serious. I'll have the following finished:

  • Mantic Retailer terrain competition entry. Mantic are having a little competition with their retailers, they give us a subsidised box of their terrain, we build, paint and feature it with the chance to win some more terrain.  It's for Deadzone, so basically enough terrain to fit into a small 2 by 2 area with some verticality. I've already started sticking things together, running out of parts and starting again but my first weekend blog of this is tomorrow.
  • A retail box review of the Mantic Starship Scenery Box.
  • A retail review of the in store now Lidl Artificial Grass mat with an eye to use it as a cheap gaming mat. 
  • A brief, hobby update on my Ultramarines and Silver Skulls armies for 40K, my progress and what I've been up to. 

Games Workshop:

Warhammer fest is this weekend, wish I could have gone, but unfortunately it was just too expensive to travel down. Given the choice to go to Coventry or pay for the flight to Thailand I will pick the latter every time! Maybe next year...

Rogue Trader was leaked, and then confirmed. In what looks like another boxed game like Deathwatch Overkill with Rogue Traders (not dodgy builders if you don't know 40K) versus Nurgle mutants. I will be stocking and breaking the game upon release. 



Battlefront Miniatures

This weekend sees the release of the tail end of the mid war Armoured Fist British forces, the Churchill, Valentine and Kittyhawk all make it to the shelves. If you would like to see Panzer Command stock more mid war lines please let us know. I may add them as special order only. 

BM also will be supporting the Blog, which is great news and will allow me to feature their products more than I would otherwise be able too. 

Coming on the 19th are my preview copies of the Team Yankee Free Nations release, this includes the new book and NATO box set. The full release starts on May the 26th. I will try to get everything up for pre-order this weekend. 


Warlord Games

Coming on May 19th are some new releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares, a game that I have not been covering very well. The new releases are for the Algoryn faction and include the pictured Bastion Combat Skimmer, a heavy support unit and some Freeborn and Concord NuHu miniatures. 

I will try to dig up some dates for the new Bolt Action US Infantry, Coastal Defences and the Flak 88. 


That closes off this rather short weekly round up, have a good weekend. 

Panzer Command