Weekly Round-Up May Week 1

Friday, 4 May 2018  |  Admin

Hi everyone, 

Today is Friday, the beer is cooling, the X-Box is on (for more torturous grinding in World of Tanks yes) but before I get stuck in I thought I would cover some of this weeks news and upcoming releases.  Remember I also have a number of auctions running so there is a chance to grab a bargain. If it sells really cheap that price will be honoured (although I will probably cry)! wink


Remember if you came here from eBay, we offer cheaper prices than our eBay account (10%), cheaper shipping and you can earn loyalty points when you spend on our website. If you would like us to stock something we don't currently offer please let us know. 

Mantic Games

With the release of the GCPS Mantic have some great new miniatures for Kings of War and Warpath coming soon (early and mid June). 

For Warpath, June is the month of the Asterian, with the following releases:

Asterian Chira Transporter/Chroma Force Platform...£29.99

 Asterian Mega Force...£99.99

  • 30 Marionettes
  • 6 Support Drones
  • 1 Overseer
  • 6 Cypher Wardens
  • 6 Cyphers
  • 2 Cyphers with Fission Beamers
  • 4 Weapons Drones
  • 4 Sky Razors
  • 1 Chroma Force Platform
  • 5 Kalyshi

Asterian Reserve Force...£59.99

  • 1 Chroma Force Platform
  • 1 Black Talon Prime
  • 2 Black Talons
  • 2 Sky Razors
  • 2 Cyphers with Fission Beamers
  • 2 Cyphers with Missile Launchers
  • 2 Cypher Primes
  • 2 Cyphers with Force Rifles
  • 4 Cypher Wardens
  • 2 Cyphers with Noh Rifles
  • 1 Shuuvatar

The remaining new releases are the:

Asterian Cypher Specialists...£9.99

Asterian Weapon Drones...£9.99

Hopefully I will get my hands on samples to build and feature soon!


Kings of War

These are my favourite miniatures of the round up, Mantic's new monsters. My favourites are most definitely the Orcs and I can see them, or at least the Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher heading into my display cabinet. 

To  make this blog smaller I'll just link the banners. 


Definitely like the Winged Slasher, very toothy. 


Fantasy Flight Games

For our science fiction fans, as you probably know (its been blasted from the internet rooftops), the second edition of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing is due for release in September this year. We will be stocking the full range on release and will most likely get it up on the shop this weekend for preorder along with the remaining X-Wing and Armada stock I have here. 

In addition, Star Wars Legion will be making an appearance soon. 


Warlord Games

Just a short release news from Warlord, I am selling off excess stock on eBay at auction at the moment so I can order in some more goodies. But, I will be stocking the following releases:

US Infantry new release

Coastal Defences

Who doesn't like plastic terrain!


Last but not least 

Battlefront Miniatures:

This June/July Team Yankee once again expands its available forces. The Free Nations book due out near the end of May, which will include various NATO countries like Canada, ANZACs, Netherlands and of course the French. The former all use a mix of German and US equipment whereas the French will have a new range of models. 

I have signed up to the full release range and will have them up for pre-order on the website soon. 


Have a good weekend everyone!

Panzer Command