December Updates

Sunday, 2 December 2018  |  Admin


Hey everyone, 

Having some issues with the blog today, this is the fourth time writing this so I will keep it short and to the point:

Panzer Command - I now accept credit and debit cards directly through Stripe, this option will allow you to quickly make payments without relying on Paypal. For international customers it also means you can make a payment without being charged by Paypal for a cross border fee. 

I will be having a Christmas sale, mostly to help shift some lines I will no longer be keeping in stock. 

Slowly adding more lines to the webshop, it is easy to bulk upload products via a CSV file but I still have to individually check every item, upload photos etc which is what takes the time but I will get there eventually. 


Army Painter -

Sorry guys, Army Painter increased their prices a few months back and I've finally had to change mine to  match. I should have more stock on the webshop soon, as well as a paint restock. 

Battlefront Miniatures -

Kursk preorders should be enabled by Monday, I am taking  in the whole new range which will fill out my late war selection. This, some of the mid war releases I missed, like the Italians and British Armour are due in next week with a large restock.

Mantic Games -

Vanguard is in stock, and Here's Negan will be coming in soon I hope. It will be also added to the shop tomorrow.

Warlord Games -

I've cleared a heap of Bolt Action stock out, these orders will now move to special order only. I will continue to stock the core range and this will allow me to bring in new releases easier. This is mainly due to a drop in sales since becoming VAT registered. 

Blood Red Skies is on the webshop, and the latest batch of  new releases are on order. Including the Hawker Hurricanes. More releases are due out in January I believe. 

Cruel Seas is still available at the increased discount of 25% until the 8th, so grab it while you can. Every purchase of the starter set or rule book includes the exclusive surfacing U-Boot miniature. I've also worked out linked deals so you can get an extra 5% off the rule book and a fleet box when bought together. An Italian fleet box is due soon as well. 

Fallout -

Is unfortunately still out of stock with our distributors. No ETA as yet. 

Games Workshop -

I'm breaking the new Christmas Battleboxes, so far I have four on the webshop including the two Primaris sets, the Eldar and Death Guard. Save up to 46% on retail prices by buying from the broken down boxes. Handy if you just wanted certain units. Personally I like big monster miniatures so I will be stealing some of the Seraphon and I don't have a Plagueburst Crawler yet. 

Blackstone Fortress is still in stock, although the explorers part is sold out, hostiles will be getting a price drop shortly. 

Fantasy Flight Games (Star Wars) -

Due to the immense hassle of ordering from the UK distributor, I've not kept up with Star Wars releases. I am hoping to get some more Armada releases in as well X-Wing and Legion but no promises. 

Vallejo Paints - 

I am currently looking into stocking these, although I might wait a little longer before investing. 

Miscellaneous -

In addition to the above I have a range of basing and tools from Gale Force 9 to go up on the shop, as well as releases from TT combats MDF terrain range. 



Panzer Command