Mantic Terrain Competition Post 3

Wednesday, 30 May 2018  |  Admin

Hi everyone, 

On the 9th of May I received a box of goodies from Mantic for the retailer terrain competition they are having. Competition is a bit of a strong word as it's more to do with getting retailers familiar with their terrain sets as well as getting a gaming board ready for Deadzone, Mantic's futuristic skirmish game.  Basically we are to build, paint and share our creations and Mantic will pick the winner. 

Update 3

So, I am not the best modeller but I certainly am a professional at procrastinating! Over the holiday weekend I realised how little time was left and tried to at least get something finished, alas I failed and didn't get anything finished for the 9am Tuesday deadline but I will keep at it and hopefully have it all done soon. Mental note for the future, keep it simple stupid!

So this will be quite a big post to include everything I've done to date. 

Main Building

I modified the layout a little on this one, by adding a small airlock/quarantine area to the front door. This was supported on two extra columns that increase the stability of the building as a whole. The airlock area isn't secured yet, as I want to be able to paint some warning chevrons on the floor panel.

I filled the floor gaps and outside walls with Liquid Green Stuff from GW. Ideally I would have used proper putty or green stuff but I was lacking both so masked behind the areas to be filled with masking tape to prevent the green stuff just falling through. 

The outside of the building was sprayed Army Painter Skeleton Bone, where as the inside was sprayed Uniform Grey. The Skeleton Bone turned out lighter than I expected which meant I would need to wash the whole lot to tone it down, unfortunately.  I may switch out in future to a different colour, perhaps Flames of War's Panther Yellow might do the trick. 


The landing pad section had some work too, I added some barricade sections all round (covered in masking tape here) to make a sort of blast shield for aircraft landing and taking off. Although it turns out the GCPS Hornet uses rotors so I am not sure if they were needed.

The floor was filled on the top side with liquid green stuff again like above. Although the lack of strong braces underneath caused it to crack through flexing. Again the floor and underneath were sprayed Uniform Grey, while the blast shields were sprayed Skeleton Bone. 


This is where I am at the moment. Everything in Skeleton Bone was washed with Agrax Earthshade. Here there was a problem, I only had half a tub of the stuff and so mixed it out with roughly a 50/50 mix of Lahmian Medium. Not a terribly good idea as it made the mix very runny. I spent most of the time trying to stop it pooling and ultimately failing. 

This combined with the sometimes strange way GW washes work on Army Painter primers meant it didn't work quite as intended. 

What I was going to do was just create a dipping tank using brown fence paint, unfortunately I didn't have any, I should have just driven to B&Q and bought some, since it was only a couple of miles away. I also could have used Army Painters own washes which would have been better, especially since I have plenty in stock!

The Skeleton Bone areas were given a quick drybrush of Citadel Underhive Ash. 

The grey areas were washed with a neat Nuln Oil. The landing pad area was drybrushed with Citadel Dawnstone followed by Administratum Grey.  The Skeleton Bone on the land pad still needs highlighting. 

The furniture was primed with a tin of Battlefront Miniatures Flames of War Crusader Sand. It was one of the mislabel tins so it was actually a dark green. Some of the furniture was drybrushed Citadel Straken Green while the screens were base coated Macragge Blue. 

Some pics with the Hornet ready to load. 

Outbuilding 1

Much like the main building, this one was filled, and sprayed using the same methods. Previously I finished the roof, this was two sections that were chopped in half, braced and glued together. I then ran two horizontal braces from inside to the corner to sit these on.  

I actually touched up some of the Skeleton Bone here, silly I shouldn't have done that on the new flooring oops. Also always use a good mask and eye protection when spraying in addition to being in a ventilated space. Army Painter sprays tend to give off quite a bit of powder and the whole fume mix can be nasty as with all spray paints so you don't want to be breathing that in. 

Filled, washed, drybrushed and then final highlighted with Ushabti Bone. The Greys have not been highlighted. The comm dish and laser cannon have just been base coated. There were some patches of wash that had pooled on the top surface, nothing too terrible but I've dabbed these areas with the drybrush to take some of the wash out. 

The rear floor assembly is actually higher than the other two panels, so the clips of the top section no longer line up. It looks a little wonky here as it is not glued together yet. I'll need to probably cut the clips to get it to fit. The dish and cannon are also not glued on. Now I have some extra time I will be adding some extra detail. 

Outbuilding 2

I don't have any separate photos of this, so I will include the group photo and close out this post with that. My idea for the roof didn't work, it was slightly too short so I quickly cut a piece of plasti-card to fit. The walls are not true with this building so with the plasti-card I was able to compensate for this. I also cut out a shape for the vent to add some detail to the roof which was a little bare. 

I later primed two of the tanks, these could be pretty much anything from cryo tanks to fuel tanks. I think they will work out quite well as fuel tanks. 

I tried filling the corners, by this time the hot sun (I did most of the later assembly outside and burnt my blue skin to a crisp doing so) had pretty much killed my Liquid Green Stuff to the point it wouldn't apply properly, and unlike normal green stuff when it goes tacky water didn't help, so I gave up. 

I used Citadel texture paint for the ground which still needs to be washed and drybrushed, it looks quite a red colour because of the flash but a wash will help tone that down. The building itself was washed and drybrushed as above. 


So still plenty to do. Even on these three pieces so I will keep going on. With the competition over, I am no longer bound to just what was in the box so I can add some more pieces and perhaps integrate some GW terrain and parts while I am at it. I am also thinking of basing the other buildings on card or mdf as well as I quite like the stability this offers. 

Now the aim will be from a 2'x2' to maybe a 6'x3' set up. I literally have boxes of terrain, parts and game boards to use up so I am looking forward to really expanding it. Although from now on, it's one  piece at a time! Not sure I am looking forward to doing the Sector Imperialis game board I have or the Forgeworld tiles. Well maybe the crashed Thunderhawk one will be fun. 





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