Mantic Terrain Competition Post 2

Wednesday, 16 May 2018  |  Admin

Hi everyone, 

On the 9th of May I received a box of goodies from Mantic for the retailer terrain competition they are having. Competition is a bit of a strong word as it's more to do with getting retailers familiar with their terrain sets as well as getting a gaming board ready for Deadzone, Mantic's futuristic skirmish game.  Basically we are to build, paint and share our creations and Mantic will pick the winner. 

Update 2

On Monday (14th of May) I managed to grab nearly 3 hours of uninterrupted hobby time after 5pm. It was a really hot*, sunny day here in Aberdeen for once so I sat outside and got stuck in. 

*hot for me, so much so I am a little burnt. The Mrs thought it was still too cold. 

Main Building

I admit, I didn't do very much on this one. Although I did spend time gluing the roof together. The elastic bands are an attempt to get it to stay in shape. If the bands don't work I'll need to flatten it out and fit braces underneath. 

I decided to change out one of the roof panels to one with the vent cut out. I have also glued a ladder inside at this point so now there is roof access to the landing pad from inside.

You can just make out the ladder through the hatch.

I'll need to make a hatch and have it lying open. I have an idea for this, I think if I use the vent for that hole, turn it around, clean it up and it should do the trick. I'll use some of the broken connectors as hinges and rake through the cookie tin of parts to find something to detail it. 

I also glued together the columns underneath and the columns inside. I butchered the top connectors so they will sit flat with the roof and support it. I also butchered a heap of the right angle connectors by cutting the top tab off and glued them in. This should support the roof all the way around. 

I still need to sort the following for this building:

  • Blast shields
  • Front door access


Outbuilding 1

I completely changed the original plan for this. In fact the pictured version below is the 4th or 5th attempt. 

With accessories added.

This picture shows what it will look like almost finished. The laser cannon and comm dish are not glues in nor is the upper section. 

Ladder access

The rear view shows the unfinished roof. I've had to cut two pieces up and will join them in the middle to fill the bit by the already fitted roof, a corner section should complete the roof and all fit together. Although I think once again I'll need braces as no connectors will fit in the space there. 

I've added corner supports to bulk the structure out and get rid of the simple shapes of the building. I added a ladder to the side, this gives access to the roof and the second ladder gives access to the comms  dish for maintenance. 

The upper comms tower is glued together but not to the main building for ease of painting. I've left space there for one of the computer consoles from the Starship Scenery box, a sort of back up control or maintenance panel for the gun and dish. 

I am debating whether I should base it on plasti-card. I could then raise it up on columns, or if I don't it would still give it a floor so I could detail the inside. Probably with the gun rack and computer console. 

I might also chop a door in half and leave the door partially open. 


Outbuilding 2

The use what you can building. Very simple, I had to base it on plasti-card as the main walls are glued to it for support. 

That's not a gap on the back walls, but the join is very thin there. The corner supports were added as there was no detail there, it also holds the walls together. 

The roof will be a tricky one, but I think I've sized up some of the spare ramps I have and if I brace them, glue them together they should fit OK. 


No progress here :-(

Things I still need to do before painting

  • Fill all the gaps between panels, I think I might detail these as weld lines. 
  • I will be using the left over sprues for braces (might use plasti-card instead) as these are supposed to be gamed with I want them as structurally strong as possible. 
  • I am thinking of using sprues again, this time to make wiring and pipes for various areas like the gun and dishes. Outbuilding 2 I think is going to be a generator, so maybe I can add a heap here going into the ground. 
  • What can I do with the left over building bits?
  • Plan the interiors as these bits will need painting before gluing in. 

So that's it for this post, I made some progress but still some to do. I am thinking of painting them a dusty yellow colour, probably Army Painters Skelly bone, as I think this colour works really well with a rusty, dirty brown wash. I will also spray the interiors grey, I'll wash the floors with a black wash like Nuln Oil to change the colour to a darker grey. 





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