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Bagration: Romanian Anti-Tank Crew

Bagration: Romanian Anti-Tank Crew
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Model:  RSO105
Bar Code:  9420020253780
Manufacturer:  Battlefront Miniatures
Brand:  Flames of War
Type:  Unassembled/unpainted Miniatures
Faction:  Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian



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In the Crimea, Germany supplied 7.5cm TAC 40 (PaK40) anti-tanks guns. These excellent guns provided the Romanians with the hitting power required to deal with the Soviet T-34 tank, and the heavier KV and IS models. In 1944 each divisionís artillery organised a second battery of anti-tank guns. These divisional level anti-tank guns are 75mm guns for taking on the increasingly numerous heavier Soviet tanks. The 1st Armoured Division is equipped with the native TAC 43 or M43 Reșița gun. This gun took the best of the Vickers 75mm AA gun, German PaK40 and Soviet ZIS-3 and combined them into a Romanian design of their own.


  • includes four Anti-tank Gun Crews and one Observer Team.
  • does NOT include field guns, crew only. 

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints required. 

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