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Bagration: Romanian 75mm gun (TAC 43 Resita)

Bagration: Romanian 75mm gun (TAC 43 Resita)
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Model:  RSO107
Bar Code:  9420020253803
Manufacturer:  Battlefront Miniatures
Brand:  Flames of War
Type:  Unassembled/unpainted Miniatures
Faction:  Finnish, Hungarian, Romanian



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In 1944 each divisionís artillery had a battery of anti-tank guns equipped with TAC 43 Reşiţa 75mm anti-tank guns.This modern weapon combined aspects of the German PaK40 and the Soviet ZIS-3 anti-tank guns to create an effective weapon capable of destroying most enemy tanks.

The Reşiţa 75mm gun came out of experiments with the M1936 Vickers/Reşiţa 75mm anti-aircraft gun. In the end the carriage and weight of the anti-aircraft gun proved too big an obstacle to continue with this as an anti-tank weapon. The Reşiţa factory went about designing a dedicated heavy anti-tank gun. It was also decided to make it a multi-purpose weapon doubling as a field gun like the Soviet 76.2mm ZIS-3 gun.


  • includes one 75mm gun, no crew.

Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints required. 

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