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Star Wars Armada Core Game

Star Wars Armada Core Game
 Star Wars Armada Core GameStar Wars Armada Core Game 
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Model:  SWM01
Bar Code:  09781616619930
Manufacturer:  Fantasy Flight Games
Brand:  Star Wars
Type:  Pre-Painted Miniature
Type:  Starter



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Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wings and TIEs. Engineering teams race to route additional power to failing shields. Laser blasts and explosions flare across the battlefield. Even a single ship can change the tide of battle.

In Star Wars: Armada, you assume the role of fleet admiral, serving with either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. It’s your job to issue the tactical commands that will decide the course of battle and, perhaps, the fate of the galaxy.


  • rule set
  • articulated maneuver tool
  • range ruler
  • six command dials
  • nine attack dice
  • ten unpainted squadrons
  • three pre-painted ship miniatures (Victory-class Star Destroyer, Nebulon-B frigate, CR90 Corellian corvette)
  • more than 130 cards and tokens

Miniatures are supplied pre-painted but some light assembly will be required. 

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