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Firefly: The Game “Crime & Punishment” Game Booster

Firefly: The Game “Crime & Punishment” Game Booster
 Firefly: The Game “Crime & Punishment” Game BoosterFirefly: The Game “Crime & Punishment” Game Booster 
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Model:  FIRE021
Bar Code:  09781945625282
Manufacturer:  Gale Force 9
Brand:  Firefly
Type:  Board Game
Type:  Expansion



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Getting’ the job done just got more interesting. The Crime & Punishment Game Booster for Firefly: The Game adds a whole heap of new troubles to the ‘Verse.

The Game Booster adds 40 new cards to the Misbehave Deck, presenting more hassles, hardships and the rare opportunity to those crews that might indulge in a bit of criminal behaviour now and then. With new misbehave cards, your captains are gonna need new aces up their sleeves to get by; be it a piece of gear, the right crew, or the right relationship, just make sure you’re prepared.

Of course, when there’s trouble in the ‘Verse, you can be sure the Alliance won’t be far behind, new Alliance Priority Alerts put the screws to all thems that are just trying to make an honest (or dishonest) credit. Alliance Alerts affect the entire game, placing embargoes on a particular Supply Planet, forcing Contacts to lay low for a spell or stepping up Alliance Patrols. When the Alliance comes down, they don’t care who they wind up squashin’.

Firefly: The Game - Crime & Punishment Two new Story Cards cater to captains who are willing to do anything to get by, some times, if you’re a bit lucky, you’ll find that crime does pay. Two new Set Up Cards also change how any game is played, one will make sure you and yours keeps flyin’ while the other one will insure that Alliance is always on High Alert. There’s always new tales to tell in the ‘Verse.

Expansion for Firefly: The Game. 


  • 40 Misbehave Cards
  • 10 Alert cards
  • New Setup and Story cards

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