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Cruel Seas Starter Set

Cruel Seas Starter Set
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Model:  781510001
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Manufacturer:  Warlord Games
Brand:  Cruel Seas
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Cruel Seas is a fast-paced 1/300 scale tabletop game recreating to the swirling naval dogfights taking place on the seas around the world in the dark days of the Second World War.

Powerful, well-armed boats manned by skilled crews stalked enemy shipping lanes, lying in wait for an unsuspecting target to present itself. With a roar of engines the motor torpedo boats would surge forward, opening up with tracer fire from an arsenal of machine guns and autocannons. If the enemy vessel was a large enough target torpedoes would also be loosed to deal a devastating blow to their prey.

The game covers six major nationalities – the British Royal Navy, German Kriegsmarine, US Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Soviet Navy and Italian Regio Marina – each having their own character and play style. The Cruel Seas rules explain how to organise your chosen fleet and take the fight to your opponent as you seek to rule the waves. The vessels vary in size and shape - from fast, sleek killers to slower but more heavily armed ships. Do you prefer a swarm of small but fast boats, fewer large ships with heavy weaponry to bring to bear, or a combination of these two categories? Cruel Seas provides a multitude of ship and aircraft options and plenty of options to customise your boats weaponry, making each game very different.

The Cruel Seas game is scenario driven providing a strong narrative element to your games. From easy to play introductory scenarios to more demanding operations that will provide a test of both your skill and your nerves!

The Cruel Seas starter game contains plastic British and German motor torpedo boats, plastic and card tokens, the rules and a variety of other play aids – everything you need to take to take on your opponents fleet. The range will include further plastic, resin and metal ships, aircraft and scenery.

So, fire your engines, ready your weapons and prepare to dominate the cruel seas!

The Cruel Seas boxed game, Strike Fast, Strike Hard!, contains:

  • A4 softback rulebook
  • A4 quick start guide with painting guides and flags
  • Plastic early Vosper motor torpedo boat
  • 3x late Vosper motor torpedo boat
  • 2x plastic S-100 S-boat
  • 2x plastic armoured S-100 S-boat
  • 1x plastic torpedo markers sprue
  • 1x plastic plume markers sprue
  • 1x A0 double-sided battle mat
  • 3x die-cut punchboards (islands, sandbars, rulers, mines markers, game tokens, lighthouse, aircraft, etc)
  • Ship datacards for early and late Vosper MTBs, S-boats and merchant/tanker
  • Small, medium and large wake sheets
  • 2x sets of fleet dice (Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine)
  • 1x set of game dice

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, glue and paints required. 

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